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The candles are Made in France with Vegan Wax, a Cotton Wick and rare Essential Oils.

No animal derived ingredients Meeting IFRA Standards + Washington Convention / C.I.T.I.E.S Standards. The paper boxes are 70% made of recycled paper and are 100% recyclable. 

To enjoy your candle, always cut the wick before lighting it and burn it by cycles of 3 hours.


Great to gift together with the Lola James Harper home spray

Lola James Harper- Scented candle

€ 54,00Prijs
  • First morning of Spring
    Rose / Cardamome

    The way we know it’s the first morning of Spring comes to us through the air... Suddenly we feel and smell roses in the city... 

    Surf Shop
    Tuberose / MonoïIn

    San Diego, this surf shop is filled with sea, sun, sand, wood, wax and monoï fragrances.Saint Honoré

    Saint Honore
    Legendary Fig Tree

    This is the scent of the mythical concept Store Colette, created and presented at 213 Rue Saint-Honoré, the first of its kind...
    For more than 20 years, this was the place to be for amazing
    art, fashion, design, food and parties...

    Amber / Incense

    We went to Barcelona a few years ago and every day at 4pm we went into Bomboneria to have a tea break... Barcelona is filled with great little places full of cakes, candies and ice creams... antiques shops with really old furniture... a beautiful smell of amber and incense...

    White Coffee
    Orange Blossom / Honey

    Teta is a dear friend...we gather often at her place to chat and think about our projects... She always serves our favorite Lebanese beverage called « white coffee », natural orange blossom with honey and hot water... believe me, a great drink to relax and think... 

    Vinyl Store 
    Papyrus / Poplar Wood

    On Rue des Dames in Paris, there is a vinyl store where we go to often to check out what is new and what is old and still magical... lots of soul and funk music... amazing covers and art work, beautiful sound... A smell of wood shelves and vintage vinyl...

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