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Please note that delivery can take up to 10 days. Store pick up has our preference.

We are Wow Makers Natural paint

€ 110,00Prijs
  • We Are Wow Makers is a natural paint with a structure in between paint and plaster. It is easy to apply with a block brush made of natural hair.  For now we prefer store pick up only. If you would like to get the paint delivered to your house, please contact us at 

    If the desired color is out of stock, send us an email, it takes approximately 10 days to restock. 


  • MYKONOS, the relaxed chic white with a yellow undertone for a warmer feel. 

    TOKYO, the color of Japanese Zen is all about creating an environment of peace, relaxation and inner sanctuary from the stresses and strains of life in the outside world

    MALLORCA, the color of sun kissed stones.

    PALERMO, perfect to help your home feel like a peaceful, secure sanctuary

    IBIZA BY DOT & ANNA, this beach inspired color creates a sense of calm to your living space.

    ANTWERP, The color of love for Belgium. It’s the country where Anouk’s father lived. As a child Anouk was inspired by her papa, who used to be an excellent food maker. The cobblestones, the delicious food, the good taste of the people she pictured on the streets. All these memories are mixed and matched in this sophisticated color with a raw Belgium edge.

    TULUM, the sun bleached black to create the hottest, spiritual rooms with a magical vibe in your home. Combine with jungle inspired plants, rattan accessories and furniture in coconot shades to design the perfect laid back hideaway.


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