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We are excited to announce a limited reprint of The Pleasure of Leisure book! The new sunny cover harmoniously blends with the interior and our leisure-filled world. Hidden inside are 4 update photos by Anna Pihan, and 4 Hôtel Magique illustrations, ready to be framed or gifted.


The Pleasure of Leisure evokes limitless daydreaming - a blissful visual escape that feels like a holiday. Wherever you might be in the world; Samoa, Australia, and Italy are right at your fingertips, ready to be explored by your wandering eye. Drift off to faraway coastlines and leisurely moments in nature's magical color palette.


This book is a year-long collaboration between Bali-based artist Milou Neelen and Sydney-based photographer Anna Pihan. Oceans apart they corresponded in images rather than words, creating a glowing visual story about endless leisure, bound to warm you up like a breezy sunset without a cloud in the sky. 


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Photography by Anna Pihan

Design and illustrations by Milou Neelen of Hôtel Magique

160 pages counting sunny linen hardcover

Size A4 - 21 x 29.7 cm

Every book includes 4 photos and 4 illustrations

in size 17 cm x 25 cm ready to be framed or gifted

No frames included

ISBN 9789083131856

Printed in the Netherlands

The Pleasure of Leisure

€ 110,00Prijs

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