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  • “ISLA”
    A limited edition collection of 
    Linda’s love affair with Ibiza. "ISLA"
    This special timeless spirit of the island were she documented the warm 
    feel of a endless summer. 
    A summer were boats are 
    dancing lazily on a turquoise sea, 
    and giant rocks softly guide them ashore. Were age and perfection is nothing, living is raw, beautiful, slow and it’s all about the energy and the sun. Whether it’s a bunch of kids jumping from the rocks, the umbrella’s are acting as if they were here to bring freshness, palms are doing a joyour dance.. everything is salty and smells like holiday. Layers and colors of the isla faded by the sun and mostlty shaped around a deep, cultural relationship to the sea element. Nothing is original. Nature’s spectacle in full simplicity bathed in a yellow golden light & dramatic warm black & white.

    Each photograph is printed on 
    the environmentally friendly 
    Hahnemuhle Fine art Bamboo paper. 
    A beautiful, matte and thick paper of the highest quality for which the bamboo plant need much less water 
    and no pesticides are used.

    Works are custom printed to order and come with a numbered certificate of authenticity (limited edition of 50) and 
    complimentary world wide shipping. Rolled. 

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