ELPELUT - Fishermans lamp Yute

€ 340,00Prijs
  • Ibiza’s hippie fisherman lamps. Elpelut captures the traditional hippie culture through handmade lifestyle products, like these handcrafted crocheted fisherman’s lamp.

    5 rings | approx size is 115/130 cm

    6 rings | approx size 145/160 cm

    We have more sizes and colors available please send us an email info@studiosoleil.nl

  • The hair. The long, big and messy hair.
    That is what the Ibicencos in the 1960s noticed most about 
    the Hippies who chose the White Isla as their forever temporary home. It was going to be a wild ride and the locals called them
    Els Peluts - The Hairy Ones.